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A set of revision notes designed for the AQA A-level course, hopefully at a very affordable price.

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Famous Psychologists

Psychology in the News
Mubarak Bala in his bed at a hospital in Kano state, Nigeria - 24 June 2014 Facebook logo
Atheist diagnosed as mentally ill Facebook plays psychologist
Overnight maintenance on the London Underground Man receiving therapy
Shift work causes body chaos CBT no use for schizophrenia
Pouring a drink Brain in a head
 Almost an alcoholic? To sleep perchance to remember!
 Amazon centre in Swansea Nerve cells wrapped in myelin
Amazon?  It's a jungle out there! s this why we sleep?
ECT: how it might be working Does camping reset the body clock?
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  Mind Changers: a series of 24 half hour documentaries on famous studies in psychology.  Experts discuss the merits of each study and what we were able to learn.







Mapping the human brain



Gone but not forgotten
Ψ Psychopathology
Ψ Approaches
Ψ Ethics
Two series on Radio 4:  'A History of the Brain' (left) and 'The Sleep Diaries '(right). Each a series of enjoyable 15 minute episodes.



Listen to the story of Phineas Gage
Psychology in the charts


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